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The words you use matter a lot!

We all know the widely quoted public speaking statistics (7% words, 38% tone, 55% body language) describing which elements of a person’s presentation are the most impactful. But what does this actuall…
Sep 09, 2016
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The tale of Brilliance and Action

One morning Brilliance had a dreamBrilliance awoke and, just like every other morning that Brilliance had been alive, he started to think.He envisaged truly wonderful things; he saw grand schemes of m…
Jul 15, 2016
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Engage, compel, bore or repel…

If I started this post with a claim to make you millions in minutes, it is more likely to arouse your suspicion than get your attention. In today’s climate, this is the quickest route to your reader h…
Jul 01, 2016
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Why do I bother?

If you were expecting a frustrated rant, then you’ve clicked here for the wrong reason; because that is not what this post is all about. The title, despite its more commonly cantankerous connotation, …
Jun 17, 2016
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One of life’s natural remedies

Walking inspires me. It is as though the world has slowed down and invited me to come in and have a closer look at its best bits. From a simple stroll along the river at the end of my road, to a plann…
Jun 10, 2016
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The sad demise of SEO… or is it?

Just to be clear, I’m not questioning the death of SEO in my title. The ‘or is it?’ actually refers to whether it is sad news or happy. Because the end of SEO as we knew it is already a certainty. I'm…
May 20, 2016
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