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Sep 16, 2015

People love stories. Our entire civilization, and every culture that ever left its mark in history has been built upon and fuelled by the telling and sharing of stories. Just look at the most popular TV shows, sports events or musical icons that surround our lives today. It is far more than just their performance that grabs the public’s attention. Their followers and fans want to know the person behind the brand, the subject of the story.

Discovery is better than bore, and real lives say more than unproven promises.

That is why blogging is such a powerful tool in marketing. It is the softly, softly insight into the heart of a business or individual. No matter how good the offer, in an advert or a piece of marketing, is there is still the ‘certain knowledge’ in a buyer’s head that they have been manipulated. That is not always a bad thing, and it may be that the offer is a genuine ‘good deal’ from a company that will deliver a great service. (If the company has any ambition to build an ongoing relationship with its customers you would hope so…) But it is still just a ‘deal’ until a conversation takes place. It is only after engagement begins that relationships can blossom.

Now I am not saying that blogging is the only medium for building a customer relationship. Of course, it isn’t. You need multiple pillars of communication. Without question, the most important trust-building vehicle is to consistently deliver outstanding service. Following this, you should and ‘talk with’ and ‘listen to’ your customers regularly. Nothing compares to that!

But I do believe (in fact I know) that regular, engaging, informative, helpful and friendly communication builds trust and confidence with prospects and customers alike. The reason is that a blog and is open, less formal, unobtrusive and simply there to help. And, if you can make them entertaining, interesting and irresistible, at the same time, you might just be on the way to building a lifetime relationship.

The complete picture and the perfect pitch

The other side to blogging, of course, is that Google absolutely loves new content. Every time you post a new blog or engagement article on your website, LinkedIn or other platform you are waving a little ‘here I am’ flag. If you can crack the combination of these two skills, then you will have the created the perfect foundation for any future marketing effort. It attracts and engages.

The facts are that when you blog regularly (and well) the following things happen: The chances of your prospects finding you are significantly increased. Those that already know you are more engaged and very likely to be sharing your message. And every time you add extra content and develop your blog strategy you will be laying stronger foundations, creating value and building trust.

Don’t let your message drown in direct marketing without a firm foundation!

The very best thing about effective business blogging is that it really is so easy to do. All you need is a touch of discipline, a strong content strategy, and a clear process, to make it work smoothly. That way you can blow other marketing out of the water or even create a platform upon which your direct efforts are more likely to float.

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