Most people are nosey and want to buy a good story

Sep 01, 2015

Most people are nosey and want to buy a good story

For example: If I start my story be telling you it is about a man who discovered three Roman gold coins while planting roses in his garden in Hemel Hempstead, I might get your attention. If you live within the vicinity of that town, however, I would certainly have created a little bit of curiosity. Were you to be interested in history then I might even have encouraged you to read on? And if you also happen to be a detectorist (or for the uninformed, a member of a metal-detecting club) Then I guarantee that you would find the story absolutely irresistible.

To someone who had no interest in the area or history, however, there would be no value in the story at all. The chances are they would simply move on and read something else.

Stories open doors that adverts cannot even approach

Now, let’s suppose that I link my story to a website where you can buy metal detectors or an advert for a new metal detector store opening in Hertfordshire. From a marketing point of view, this would be a really smart thing to do because I have attracted a nosey audience. The people who moved on, however, would never have been interested in my offer anyway, so it makes no difference that they didn’t stick around to see the advert.

Compare this way of introducing perfect customers to your business in an engaged, comfortable, communal way with the traditional direct route. Namely, the ‘in your face’ advert that provokes the equally commonplace, ‘what’s the catch, you are just trying to sell me something’ response. People are attracted to stories that resonate with their own interests. And here is the really important thing…

If you are trying to attract the attention of future customers. Be specific and talk to them – not ‘everyone’ else!

Does touching an emotion make you uncomfortable?

Don’t tell or sell! It is better to create interest, engage their passion, share information and wisdom, and ultimately demonstrate that you have a kindred spirit. If that sounds a bit too deep for you, then feel free to replace ‘kindred spirit’ with ‘common interest’. But I promise you that connecting with your customers on an emotional level will win their loyalty more than price, special offer, or even being the best.

The really important thing to remember is that there is nothing underhand or ‘hard sell’ here. You are simply helping people who are already interested in the things you do to find you. And, once they have made that connection, you are sharing your passion with them in a friendly, helpful and interesting way. In doing this, you will be building relationships with customers who want to buy from you and want to trust you as a supplier. It is important to understand that not everyone just wants the lowest price. Some people (I believe most people) actually want ‘value for money’ – and that means a relationship. And the reality is, that these people always become the best customers. A true WIN-WIN!

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