The sad demise of SEO… or is it?

May 20, 2016

Just to be clear, I’m not questioning the death of SEO in my title. The ‘or is it?’ actually refers to whether it is sad news or happy. Because the end of SEO as we knew it is already a certainty. I'm pondering whether it is OK to be happy about a troublesome adversary approaching their expiry date. You see, I’m a bit of a purest (certainly not a technical-detail kind of guy) when it comes to marketing and have always dreamed of a time that Google would devise a way of ranking good stuff over well-optimised blah, blah, blah. Well, I believe that the day has finally arrived and I, for one, am happy.

Welcome to the world of Content Marketing.

The clever search engine optimisation algorithms do still exist in some format, and the use of keywords still does have an impact (only to a lesser degree) – but, just like the people that it is trying to serve, Google much prefers a good story. In actual fact, there is nothing new here because our entire civilisation has been built upon stories throughout the ages. And not only ours but every culture, every empire, and every person that ever lived has been massively influenced by the stories that surround them and went before them. In fact, today more people than ever choose to live their lives in dream-like stories of their own future and forget that the present day is where the work needs to be done. But that is another story… back to the present for now.

This new art (and I passionately believe it is far more worthy of that word than the seemingly dark art of SEO), which we call Content Marketing, is about engaging with, informing or even amusing your audience into taking action. It is about giving them useful information not selling to them, and providing them with valuable, interesting stories to build rapport, trust, and engagement. People love stories now more than ever, and we love to make important decisions based on our relationship with those stories. That is why content marketing is so important to today’s businesses.


Stories sell, and they sell really well…

I am so excited by this shift towards beauty over optimisation and the art of telling stories defeating the mysterious, ever-changing, distinctly unharmonic tune of search engine optimisation.

Think about the last time you spent a reasonable amount of money on anything; a holiday, a car, a mobile phone, a laptop, a new sofa, a house or anything like that. Did you simply believe the advert, the supplier’s website or the sales guy? Did you really make an uninformed decision without first going to the internet and reading other people’s stories about the experience? Or perhaps you were initially influenced to buy through a raving review on your favourite social media site, which was then shared by a ‘friend’ of yours and backed up by several hundred others.

The fact is that stories sell and today this has never been truer. But Content Marketing does even more than tell stories. It is about you, as the expert, sharing good information, useful advice, meaningful and truthful critique, observation and unbiased comment. In short it establishes you as an expert voice with a story to share. It never sells your product or service directly, but it builds your credibility enormously. It is truly powerful stuff.

Get into Content Marketing today and get in touch if you want to know how it can help your business.

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