One of life’s natural remedies

Jun 10, 2016

Walking inspires me. It is as though the world has slowed down and invited me to come in and have a closer look at its best bits. From a simple stroll along the river at the end of my road, to a planned hike along the peaks and valleys of some distant land, blessed with horizons and blossom touched views… I love to walk.

In those slow moments, those precious pauses for reflective thought, I find that all things come back into focus. Every other person you meet complains that life is too busy, or there is too much to do; but how many of them ignore the secret of the time-slowing walk? For me it is one of the most valuable indulgences that life can afford and yet, in its simplest form, it costs nothing. In a world which is determined to speed up and spend, to entertain and consume; those of us fortunate enough to have some form of physical mobility often take for granted the ability to exist in a moment, unwind for a while and simply walk.


I thank God that I can walk and while the strength remains in my legs, I will. I want to enjoy the heat of the sun, the chill of the breeze, the shocking blue of a Kingfisher’s dive and the green, grey curve of the mountainous path. I love to walk.

The very essence of creation can be captured in a moment of time; in fact, it is happening around each of us all of the time. But if we never stop to look, if we never pause to engage with its beauty, we are in danger of forgetting the simple pleasures of the world we live in and the fact that God gave us legs for a reason.

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