Why do I bother?

Jun 17, 2016

If you were expecting a frustrated rant, then you’ve clicked here for the wrong reason; because that is not what this post is all about. The title, despite its more commonly cantankerous connotation, is not in fact a question, but an offer to share with you the answer: Why I write a blog…

And, just for the record, I also write a post each week on my LinkedIn profile

There are FOUR reasons why I blog:

1) I simply love writing, experimenting with words and entertaining the idea that someone else might smile as they amble around my alliteration, get taken on an imaginary journey of similes or become short of breath before they reach the end of my overly long sentences…

2) Civilisation was built upon stories. People have been buying stories and the products and services that those stories represent for millennia. If we lose the art of telling stories (I prefer the written word – but any media will do) then we will forget how to do business. So I want to help keep the skill of storytelling alive.

3) The feedback that I get suggests that people value the thought-provoking ideas (I’m not sure I would flatter myself to call it wisdom) that my muses contain. They are, for the most part, taken from real life events that have made me think and seek out an answer - so it is a joy to share those thoughts.


4) I have to read so much awful written communication each day that it actually saddens me. It is not just the culture of txt speak and e-everything, lol – I do get that. It is more the lack of imagination, passion and appreciation of a readers’ ears that bothers me. I believe that words are beautiful and therefore should be used to attract attention.

Think for a moment how powerful that could be in your business!

Oh, and there is a fifth reason. A man has to make a living; and turning other people’s stories into passionately-written, market-influencing, customer-attracting words is how I make mine…

Let me finish with the inevitable (but ever-reliable) get in touch if you want to find out more or book your free sample.

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