Engage, compel, bore or repel…

Jul 01, 2016

If I started this post with a claim to make you millions in minutes, it is more likely to arouse your suspicion than get your attention. In today’s climate, this is the quickest route to your reader hitting the ‘delete’ button. Likewise, a message explaining why I want you to buy my products is far less absorbing than one which genuinely addresses something of real importance to you. If you are a human being, and I assume you are, then the topics of most interest will include your family, your business, and your general well being. Good communication is always personal.

If someone shouts ‘Buy This!’ or they simply speak your name in a crowded room; which call are you going to hear above the chattering noise? We all recognise our name – it is a symptom called self-interest.


So my little marketing tip for this short post is quite simply this: THINK before you communicate anything to anyone. What subject will interest your intended reader or would engage their attention? How could you help them benefit those interests? What can you say that might just move them to action rather than bore them into going somewhere else? How can you connect with that person as an individual…

...Calling them out by name?

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