The tale of Brilliance and Action

Jul 15, 2016

One morning Brilliance had a dream

Brilliance awoke and, just like every other morning that Brilliance had been alive, he started to think.


He envisaged truly wonderful things; he saw grand schemes of monumental importance, he dreamt up solutions to smooth the way to success, and his ideas grew into plans which warmed his heart and inspired his soul. Brilliance let his imagination run into places that only the boldest of visionaries would go. He did this because he knew who he was, he knew that his name meant something spectacular and that by releasing his insatiable creativity upon the world, soon others would see it too…

Action stopped dreaming every morning

On the other side of town, a more ordinary scene was taking place. In fact for Action, this was quite a typical, everyday kind of morning. Her day had started a little earlier, not much, but certainly earlier than most. She wasn’t flamboyant; she wasn’t fanciful, and she wasn’t a daydreamer. That wasn’t to say that she didn’t have an imagination either – she just didn’t dwell on it for too long. You see, Action was a doer. And that morning, just like every other one, Action got to work on turning one of the simple ideas that she truly believed in into a reality.

Meanwhile, Brilliance continued to visualise his world of incredible, unimaginable (for the ordinary mind at least), multi-dimensional, colour-fantastic, sense-tingling and utterly unfeasible dreams of success.

In summary: “Action planned, Brilliance faded, and the same thing happened the next day, and the next, and the next…”

Caveat: not all Brilliant people are stuck in a daydream, but sadly far too many of them are…

Moral: There is no point in being brilliant if you never do anything with your talent. If you are lucky enough to be Brilliant, however, why not go and find someone to help add a little Action to your ambition!

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