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Blogs blow ordinary marketing out of the water...

Why blogging is such a critical element of any marketing strategy
t is why blogging is such a powerful tool in marketing. It is the softly… in an advert or a piece of marketingreated the perfect foundation for any future marketing effort. It attracts and engages. The facts

To Cliché or not to Cliché, that is the question?

Using cliche jargon acronyms in business writing. When is it OK to do this, if at all?
ve used this on some of my own marketing materials

Are you boring your customers and prospects?

Create interesting content. Don't bore your customers and appear to be the same as everyone else.

What is good copy?

What makes good copy in terms of effective content is not the same as what would constitute well-written prose.

Blog your way to the top

Why writing a blog is good for your profile and a few tips to get you started

A SINGLE word could make ALL the difference

Discover the power of words and why the words you choose can super charge your writing...

An amusing idea and a powerful connection!

Using the power of association to increase the effectiveness of marketing
d think more carefully before composing your marketing messages

Compelling content needs ‘strategy’ not a ‘shot in the dark’

The importance of creating a blog strategy, not just a series of random posts. Why and how to build a content strategy that will engage, attract, convert and convince you followers
ommunication you publish is all part of your marketing. If the message is disjointed… just like any other part of your marketing and focus on developing the marketing support function of the other three. 3

Engage, compel, bore or repel…

Writing to get your customers attention
interest. So my little marketing tip for this short post is quite simply this