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The mind-influencing power of story-telling

Telling stories is far more powerful than giving facts. They are more memorable and get your message across.
thing to talk about storytelling at the moment

Maybe words could be the cure

The words you use matter, and your attention to detail enhances the actions that follow...

​Why do stories matter in business?

Unlocking the secret to writing a good business story... Its all in the magic of the connection

Great copy deserves a sequel…

Storytelling in blogging is important and your posts should leave readers wanting more...
a key element of engagement in storytelling is to introduce your reader to people that t

The sad demise of SEO… or is it?

SEO is no longer the power it was and Google prefers to rank stories and shared content over solely keyword optimised blog posts.

One of life’s natural remedies

Just a poetical piece, full of beautiful words and the joy of walking

Why do I bother?

The reasons why I blog and you should too
usiness. So I want to help keep the skill of storytelling alive. 3