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An amusing idea and a powerful connection!

Using the power of association to increase the effectiveness of marketing
I share a birthday with Jack Dee (although he is exactly seven years older and approximately seven years grumpier than me), and this has always given me a sense of affinity with h……

Compelling content needs ‘strategy’ not a ‘shot in the dark’

The importance of creating a blog strategy, not just a series of random posts. Why and how to build a content strategy that will engage, attract, convert and convince you followers
The website content, sales letters, emails, blog posts, videos and any other customer communication you publish is all part of your marketing. If the message is disjointed, contra……

The sad demise of SEO… or is it?

SEO is no longer the power it was and Google prefers to rank stories and shared content over solely keyword optimised blog posts.
Just to be clear, I’m not questioning the death of SEO in my title. The ‘or is it?’ actually refers to whether it is sad news or happy. Because the end of SEO as we knew it is alr……