Holding your hand

Most people will be able to write their book, once their BookPlan is complete. By having the full structure, purpose-driven thread and chapter summaries in place bringing the story to life becomes a process; and following Martin’s easy-to-do, day-by-day plan will smoothly guide you to the final page.

Some of my customers, however, will need (or just prefer) to have extra help along the way. Life all too often manages to find sneaky ways of upsetting even the noblest and heart-driven of endeavours. If you are easily distracted, concerned about finding and using the time effectively; or if you have tried to write alone and feel like you need a helping hand – do not worry. Together, whatever it takes, we will get your words onto the page…

My Holding-Your-Hand service is a bespoke coaching programme that will get your manuscript started and over the finish line. Whether you aim to finish in 90 days or 9 months, it will:

  • Design and help you to implement a proven process and methodology to fill every page
  • Provide regular coaching calls to encourage, guide and gently hold your feet to the fire
  • Ensure that writer’s block is never allowed to darken your door and or even start to knock
  • Answer questions, tease out inspirations and keep your momentum flowing

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: the plan will start with a deadline (as that is the key to get anything of value completed), but I promise to stay by your side until your book is complete – come-what-may.

Holding-Your-Hand coaching requires a customer to have first completed the BookPlan programme. All coaching will be conducted via Zoom (or a similar online facility), fitting within pre-arranged timeslots.

Cost: £799 + VAT Book an appointment to discuss starting the Holding-Your-Hand programme

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