BookPlan day

A focused day, in the inspirational company of other soon-to-be authors, where we will create your comprehensive BookPlan. If you want to write a book, whether you arrive with the mere seed of an idea, a concept in development, or a title, some chapters and writer's block, we will deliver you a completed plan – leaving you ready to start writing your book.

By the end of this awe-inspiring day, everyone who attends will leave with a comprehensive BookPlan, so they can start to write their business book. It will include:

  • Your book’s purpose, target market, story, title, introduction, chapters and content ideas
  • Get-started enthusiasm, inspirations, direction and peer-driven feedback and comment
  • Comprehensive training on how to make your book readable, educational and moving
  • Martin’s easy-to-do, process-driven, day-by-day writing plan, designed to fill your book with awesome words
  • Expert ‘keeping grammar simple’ education from a professional copy editor
  • An overview of the pros and cons of various publishing options (with introductions if needed)
  • All the information and support you need to help you plan and start to write your book
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If we haven’t reached a satisfactory conclusion by the end of the day, I’ll keep working with you, for as long as it takes until your BookPlan is complete.

Fully catered food and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Cost: £329 + VAT Click here to book on the next available course.